Reporting software for risk management

A smart tool to digitize your forms and fully automate your reporting process.

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Digitize inspections, audits and checklists with an easy to use tool

  • Uniform reports Compile uniform reports and gain insights into current risks and control measures.
  • Save time Automate your reporting process and save up to six hours per inspection.
  • Workflow Improve your workflow and optimize productivity.

One service with countless options

Complete the questionnaire and download the report

With Forms, you can easily conduct audits and inspections on any location. The systems automatically compiles reports with all results and recommendations. You can download the analysis as docx and pdf.


Fill in

Complete a questionnaire, audit or assessment at any location with or without an internet connection. Determine action points and ensure appropriate follow-up.


Preview report

Beonder Forms features a database with questions structures, templates and spreadsheets. During the inspection, you can see the preview of the report.



The system gives a complete and clear overview with measures that must be completed.

Fully customizable for your company and projects


Build your own forms

Create a new form and add your own question sets. Choose from various options such as multiple choice questions, drop-down menus, rating scales and images. You can easily determine the follow-up of questions and control measures with the help of the logic.

Accessible on every device

Beonder Forms works on your phone, tablet and computer. New data is immediately synchronized on all devices. The software also provides offline accessibility.

Smart data dashboard for business insights

Us the data dashboard to visualize the collected data.



Setup widgets to gain access to relevant data.



Thanks to the agenda, you can easily keep track of all scheduled assignments.



Always stay informed with new task and changes with notifications.


Innovative, flexible and easy to use

Widely applicable in various sectors

Beonder Forms is suitable for all companies that collect data in a structured manner. Our software is used in various branches. Below we show a number of examples:

Fire risk assessment Identifying fire hazards and managing fire precautions.



Quality assurance in education For insight into primary education processes.


Insight into farms To make an inventory of the state of farms for government agencies.


Quality management (ISO-9001) ISO 9001:2015 Management software


More efficient and fun


Learn how others work with Beonder Forms and start your own project


Certification Checking and recording compliance with a desired standard.

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Risk inventories Risk assessments for the insurance  industry has never been easier.

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Appraisals Performance appraisal software to streamline the appraisal process.

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