Beonder Partners

Grow your business with the Beonder partner program.

Beonder Partner program

Beonder has build a partner program to collaborate with professionals in various sectors. With the power of our cloud services and your knowledge, we can help you to innovate faster and build a tool that meets your customers’ needs.
Elevate your business
With our cloud services you can shape your product according to your own business plan. You will receive support in the field of marketing and communication and have the opportunity to promote your company.
Access to product roadmap
As a partner you will be kept informed with new innovations and features of our tools. This allows you to easily plan ahead and see what works best for your business and customers.
Support when you need it
During the partner program we offer training courses to help you set up your own system. We will also keep you informed with new developments via our blog page and the partner newsletter.

Features and benefits

We offer extra facilities to meet your customers’ needs and increase your company’s growth:
Standard Partner
Multiple licenses done done
Use of the partner badge done
Listing as a partner done
Briefing of product roadmap done
Priority with technical support done
Incentives done
Training done
Promotional material done
  Voorzieningen en voordelen  


If you want to become a partner of Beonder, you must meet a number of conditions and quality standards. Therefore, you will have to follow a training course to learn all the necessary skills. In addition, you must compile a business plan that provides insight into the feasibility of your idea and the long-term perspective. Below is a brief overview of the components that will be discussed during the training sessions:
Standard Partner
Sales and technology done
Setup help desk done
Share business plan done


How do I stay informed with the latest developments?

Partners will be kept informed with the latest developments via the partner newsletter.

What benefits do I get as a partner?

Beonder provides a number of benefits for partners: we offer free training, we will help to set up your businessplan and we have a dedicated supportteam.

How can i contact Beonder?

For appointments and questions, partners can send an email to

How long does it take to become a partner?

To become a partner of Beonder you must first successfully complete the training program. During the training we will guide you through all the steps of our cloud technology and we will help to prepare your system. After completing the training program you will receive the partner badge and get access to all the facilities.

Which logos can I use?

Only partners can use our partner logo. The use of the Beonder logo is not permitted. We offer various promotional materials for partners to optimally support them in the field of marketing and communication.