Beonder partners must undergo a number of training courses each year in order to maintain the level of knowledge of all functionalities within our services. The training course als gives our partners the opportunity to expand their network. 

Technical capacities

As a partner you must meet our quality standards. That is why we expect you to have sufficient technical skills and knowledge to use and manage our cloud services.

Success Stories

By agreeing to our partner program you give Beonder permission to write a success story about your product. We will post this story on our blogpage and share it on social media. The success story is focused on your company and your objectives.

Share your business plan and revenue goals

As a Partner, you give Beonder access to your business plan and revenue targets. The strategy that you develop (image, vision, marketing) should be in line with Beonder’s strategy.


Within the cloud services, your customers can use the feedback system. As a partner you have an important role in handling all feedback reports. That is why it is important that you are aware of the guidelines that apply to handling feedback.