Training & course

We help your organisation with training courses and support, so you can get the most out of our services.

Get started right away with one of the training programs

In order for your organisation to get the most out of our services, it is important that your employees know exactly how to use them. Therefore, we provide maximum support in the use of our cloud tools and offer a complete training program through our experts and partners. By sharing our knowledge, you can get started right away.

For your organisation

Train users by participating in the Beonder training program. By taking part in the program, you get access to presentations, videos and other documentation. Our training is specifically tailored to your organisation’s products and needs.

Role specific course

Within the cloud services, users are assigned different roles and permissions. To get you started as quickly as possible, our partners and experts provide specific training for users with different roles. We make sure that you’ll get all the knowledge you need to do your job as efficiently as possible.