Integrate results in other applications

Start integrating your other applications with Beonder Forms. Add your API settings, create a dataset, customise output and start synchronising.

This API uses built-in functionalities to synchronise your form results. Use your answers or calculations in other applications. In PRO licenses you can customise your datasets for advanced solutions. No code-programming needed.


As product owner in Beonder Forms you wish to make the most out of your data. To do so we have added a task manager for API integrations.

Share customer, location and form-data to any platform. If your external party provides a REST API you add the user information such as API keys in Beonder Forms. Connect all required API fields and start synchronising.

Since most platforms choose their own types, formats and datasets we offer two options. Fully integrated apps and any customised application.

Basic information

Content types

It supports the request/response formats; XML, JSON and serialized PHP. By default, the class will check the URL and look for a format either as an extension or as a separate segment. If format is not defined, JSON is used as default. We generally use JSON in our documentation examples.

Usage parameter: format=*type string*

Response format

Successful request:

{ “success”: “true”, “data”: { }, “message”: null }

Failed request:

{ “success”: “false”, “data”: null, “message”: “Error xyz has occurred” }

GET parameters

To filter results please use the request URL parameters from our Forms-overview page at Both parameter and valid value(s) are matched.




true/false (bool)


Response text (string)