Easy inspections and data processing

Smart software to generate reports, analyse and share knowledge efficiently within your organisation.

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Work on a higher quality. Implement targeted improvements. Use the maximum potential of your organisation and employees.

We strive for the best results and best practices.

We continuously plan, do, check and act to improve analysis software.

We look for patterns in data and make KPI easily visible.

Better riskcontrol

Beonder services optimize and automate your control processes from one central platform. The tools give you insight into real-time data and generate reports based on the recorded information. This means that you no longer have to perform risk analyzes via complex spreadsheets or manually prepare reports in Word.

Quality and risk management software

Beonder offers two services: Beonder Forms and Beonder Monitor. With Beonder Forms you complete your inspection on location and download the automatically compiled report afterwards. With Beonder Monitor you can analyze large data sets and make all KPIs transparent on a central dashboard.Read more about our services

With Beonder’s cloud services you optimize and automate your control processes.

Easy to manage

Our tools have a simple interface and can be adapted to any situation without technical knowledge. Our analysis software is used for risk management, quality management , audits, assessments, self-evaluations, ISO standards and data visualization.  

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Beonder’s mission is to make your work more efficient, easier and more fun. Curious what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us or view more information on the website.

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Energiek Apeldoorn

Energy scans for individuals and companies in the municipality of Apeldoorn.


A smart tool for fire prevention.

Smart Loss Control

Smart Loss Control conducts risk inspections on behalf of insurers, insurance brokers and companies.