Benefits of the Beonder partner program

19 September / News

Partnerprogramma Beonder

Are you the new Beonder product partner?

Do you have knowledge about quality controls in a specific industry and do you want to expand your services to the cloud? Our partnerprogram offers the opportunity to grow your business faster. By combining the power of our cloud software and your knowledge, we can work together on high-quality solutions. Our existing partners in the education and insurance sector have already successfully deployed our cloud software and fully automated the recurring control processes of their customers. View all the benefits of the partner program below:

Together we join forces for more profit and growth

  • Favorable business model
    Beonder offers its software as SaaS. This means that you only pay for the monthly usage, you don’t have to make any investments in advance.
  • Transparency
    Beonder communicates in a clear and transparent way. The agreement is terminable at any time and there are no unexpected costs.
  • Whitelabel
    Use our cloud service Beonder Forms under your own brand name. You remain in full control of your own company.

Create your own analysis software

With our cloud platform Beonder Forms, you can market your own products. By developing recurring checklists, workflows and data-dashboards, you can fully automate your customers’ control processes. The software is suitable for all professionals and companies who want to store data in a structured manner. Here are some examples of possible applications: self-evaluations for schools, fire risk analyzes, HACCP inspections and ISO certifications. Do you also want to help your customers with the automation of their control processes? Benefit from our business model and work together with us on the following mission: To make work of professionals easier, more efficient and more fun.

Key features of our software:

Automatically generated reports

Create and adjust questionnaires

Use of spreadsheets 

Monitor action points and formulate control measures

Complete workflow management

Own dashboard and widgets

Beonder is always busy expanding its network. We would like to get in touch with you and see how we can strengthen your company. As a partner you will gain access to our network, allowing you to share knowledge with other professionals and attract more customers.

Support when you need it

Beonder offers plenty of support for the technology and design of your system. You will also receive support in the field of marketing & communication.

Start for free

As a partner you can start immediately for free. Together we will build a high-quality product that will allow your customers to do their work faster and better. Our pricing model is based on the results that your clients achieve, so you don’t have to pay anything until you actually generate revenue with the system.

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