How Brandrisicoscan helps professionals to identify fire risks quickly and efficiently

15 March / Success stories

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Brandrisicoscan (fire hazard scan) is the tool for risk engineers, intermediaries and companies to record and report fire hazards on any location. With the tool, they can easily provide insights into the results and generate uniform reports.

Profile Brandrisicoscan

  • A smart tool for identifying, assessing and controlling fire hazards
  • Originated from the insurance market
  • Focuses on business continuity


  • Supporting professionals with quick, efficient and objective fire hazard analysis
  • Generate reliable fire hazard reports ensuring business continuity


  • Uniform reporting with a standardized questionnaire
  • Generate automatic reports


  • Better insight into current fire hazards
  • Reliable results
  • Saving time

After the introduction of Beonder Forms in 2016, Herman Klein Velderman – managing director at Beonder – recently launched Brandrisicoscan as a ready-made product. The tool is completely built with Beonder Forms and responds to the needs of a specific niche. Herman indicates that many professionals could benefit from Brandrisicoscan: “I see that a lot of risk engineers still record data on paper during fire hazard inspections. After the inspection, they have to fill in the report and risk assessment manually, which takes a lot of time. To make their job easier, I developed a new fire hazard check with Beonder Forms. As a result, professionals can easily fill in the digital checklist and download the automatically generated report on any location.” Brandrisicoscan offers Herman an excellent opportunity to combine his knowledge about fire hazards and analysis software.

“With Brandrisicoscan, professionals can easily fill in the digital checklist and download the automatically generated report on any location.” – Herman Klein Velderman, managing director at Beonder

Use practical experience to continuously improve the software

Herman’s background lies in the insurance industry. Therefore, Herman has a lot of expertise in the field of fire safety and risk management. Herman takes courses, performs inspections and keeps in touch with other risk engineers, so he is always up-to-date on the latest developments: “Thanks to the experience I have gained as a fire hazard expert, I am able to continuously update Brandrisicoscan. In practice we see, for example, that the use of lithium-ion batteries is increasing, which can lead to an increased fire risk. Other factors such as climate change or the increase in solar panels are also important developments that can lead to increased fire risks.”

With Brandrisicoscan, professionals always generate complete and reliable risk analyzes. This allows professionals to do their job better. For example: an insurance broker is able to mediate between the insurance company and insurer, because he has a clear overview of all operational risks. Herman indicates that the checklist could also be beneficial for companies: “companies place high demands on fire safety, because they want to guarantee a safe place for their employees and customers. therefore, they need full insight into all risks.”

A current and reliable scan

Brandrisicoscan is always fully up-to-date. New developments and changes in laws and regulations are immediately included in the scan. Moreover, you can also manage your entire workflow with the system. “With Brandrisicoscan you can schedule an inspection, fill in the scan on location, download the report and quickly determine the follow-up actions. This saves professionals up to six hours per inspection”, says Herman.

Sharing and knowledge

In addition to improving the quality of inspections, Herman also hopes that Brandrisicoscan will enable fire hazard experts and risk engineers to share and combine their knowledge. This approach will enable them to build an increasingly extensive database with questionnaires and protocols.





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