Add forms

Before you start

A few things you need to know before creating new forms:

  • A user with the role ‘creator‘ is authorized to create forms. View all roles and rights for more information
  • When creating a form, you select a customer. New customers are added by the initiator through the main menu.
  • An administrator defines the “customer” part (for example, insured person or company) in the & nbsp; questionnaire.

Create new form

When creating a form, you, as the creator, choose a version of the questionnaire ( release ) that the auditor completes. Select a start and deadline date and determine if the form needs a specified category.


An administrator can create new groups and divide them into categories. This allows you to, for example, filter forms by category and assign groups based on each category.

Follow these steps to create a new form:

  1. Navigate in the menu to ‘ customers ‘(Preset definition)
  2. Select a customer by clicking the name clicking
  3. Click the location from a customer
  4. Click the orange plus button at the bottom right of the screen. li>
  5. Fill in all fields in. See below the explanation per field:

Release : By selecting a release you determine which inspection list the auditor fills in. During the creation of the release, the administrator set up the correct forms, spreadsheets and templates.

Start – and deadline date : With the start and deadline date you determine the period for assigning, scheduling and completing the assignment. After the deadline date has passed, no new assignments are awarded.

Category ( groups ): Per release an administrator sets up one or more groups. These groups can be divided into categories. This allows the planner to select only auditors who are authorized to perform the assignment.

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