Introduction Brandrisicoscan (Fire safety scan)

A new software package is being developed: Brandrisicoscan (Fire safety scan). Brandrisicoscan is used internally to conduct fire risk inspections. The system enables risk engineers to generate reports based on a questionnaire.


Introducing Wscan

The ease of use and manageability of Brandrisicoscan creates an increasing demand from other industries. That is why our team starts with the development of Wscan in 2011. Wscan offers the possibility for end-users to create their own questionnaires. This makes the software widely applicable for various branches.

Launch of Wscan

Wsan is launched in the market. After a period of extensive testing and development, Wscan is now ready to be used by end-users. The first customers use Wscan as a risk management tool for the insurance industry.

Wscan is developed into an online reporting tool

We implement a number of updates to automate reporting processes. The system grows into a fully-fledged reporting tool with various functionalities, so that users can easily capture and monitor data.

Start of a new tool

Our team starts with the development of a new reporting tool. Improvements are being made and new functionalities are designed.

New name and company

Our team starts a new company after the development of the new reporting tool: Beonder B.V. Beonder offers quality & risk management software through a software-as-a-service model (SaaS).

Launch of Beonder Forms

With the knowledge and experience gained from our previous work, we introduce the first version of Beonder Forms. Beonder Forms is an innovative tool to digitize questionnaires and automate reporting processes. The tool has many new functionalities, focused on the future.

Development of Beonder Monitor

We have added a second service: Beonder Monitor. Thanks to Monitor, users can now easily analyse large data sets and collect the results on a dashboard.